UREI Products

Suggested List Prices– Schedule A–Effective, May 1,1978

LA-3A Audio Leveler

LA-4 Compressor/Limiter

LA-5 Audio Leveler

1176LN Peak Limiter

BL-40 Modulimiter

1109 509 Solid State Amplifier with Accessory Equalizer

1122 Stereo Transcription Preamplifier

527-A 527 SC 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer

530 530SC Dual Graphic Equalizer

532 Octave Graphic Equalizer

539 539 SC Room Equalization Filter Set

545 Parametric Equalizer

555 (Mono) 556 (Stereo) Variable Bandpass Filters

560 SR-60 DR-60 Feedback Suppressor

565T Little Dipper

521 L 521 H 521 P 518 L 518 H Electronic Crossover Systems

813 Time Aligned Studio Monitor System

824 828 834 838 800H 800 Series Time-Aligned Crossover Networks and Custom High Frequency Horn

100-A Sonipulse Acoustical Audio System Analyzer

200 Automatic Response Plotting System

201 Display Interface Mainframe -201.pdf

2010 Plug-In Module Level & Frequency Detector for model 200 Automatic Plotting System

2020 DC Input Module for 200 Series Mainframes

20 Warble Generator for model 200 Automatic Plotting System

927 Digital Delay Line for Sound Systems Applications

950 Anca Ambient Noise Controlled Amplifier

970 Vidigraf Bar Graph Display Generator

UREI Modular Broadcast Audio Consoles

Mod One-Suggest List Prices–Schedule A–Effective, May 1, 1978

110 Mono, 210 Stereo Mod One AM & FM Broadcast Consoles

Mod One Plug-In Amplifier Cards for MOH-110 and MOH-210 Broadcast Consoles

Mod One Input Modules for MOH-110 and MOH-210 Broadcast Consoles

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