Tube Gear Repair and Service

Shipping your Tube Gear to us for servicing

Studio Electronics, founded in 1981, is known for its expertise with vintage analog and digital studio equipment, and classic tube gear is one of our specialties.

We service all pro audio tube equipment. The more popular items are…

CBS Audiomax 3, 3-411, 3-444 and Volumax 400, 4010

COLLINS 26-1U, AM-864U, 26J, and 26W Compressors

GATES Sta-Level, Level Devil, SA-38, 39B, and Dual Tube Compressor


MCINTOSH MC30, MC60, MC240, MC275 Tube Amps

PULTEC EQP1A, EQP1R, and MEQ-5 Equalizers…and other Pultec products

UNIVERSAL AUDIO 175, 176, 177, and LA2A Limiting Amplifier

FAIRCHILD 660 and 670 Compressors


We have a huge parts inventory that includes many brands of new old stock and reissue tubes, high voltage axial film and mica capacitors, hard to find connectors, power resistors, tube sockets, vintage style knobs, and much more. We’ve got loads the documentation for pro audio tube gear and have established a thorough restoration program to return them to their original specs, and sounding like new.


A typical restoration includes:

  • Replacement of all electrolytic and “paper” capacitors
  • Careful testing of each tube and replacement of missing tube shields, with complete ’retube’ available on request
  • Replacement of brittle or damaged wiring (using wire with with a similar appearance)
  • Calibration of all gain reduction and metering functions
  • Power supply check out and VU lamp replacement
  • Cleaning of switches and pots
  • Installation of 620 ohm output termination resistor, with high quality XLR adaptor cables installed on request
  • Performance test including frequency response, signal/noise ratio, gain, distortion, output level, and headroom.

Frequently, we service tube gear that has not been used for many years. When we perform initial tests on a vintage tube item, the first power up is done gradually and safely, to prevent damage to rare and expensive components. While the appearance of some replacement parts will e do out best to preserve the vintage appearance of some new parts will differ from the original components, we take pains to preserve the original look of vintage gear. In some cases, original “can” capacitors and other discontinued components can be “restuffed” with new parts, to retain their original look. (Faulty meters are a common problem with older gear. In most cases, they can be repaired.)

Labor and materials are guaranteed for 60 days. Our return rate is very low but in the event you have a problem, we’ll get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Please note that all declined repairs are subject to a minimum $75 testing and evaluation fee.


Please, be extremely careful when shipping your vintage tube gear. The tubes should each be unplugged, wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper, and placed in a separate box. If the VU meter is exposed, it too should be removed and also packed separately. The main chassis should be generously covered with bubble wrap or Styrofoam, and shipped in a double wall box. Double boxing is ideal.

Vintage gear addresses a large number of models, and repair and restoration costs vary widely according to the condition of the item. These tend to be expensive repair jobs. The cost generally starts at $500, but can be much more than that. It’s hard to give very accurate estimates before seeing an item in person, but if the customer emails us a few photos along with information on the history of the unit, we can usually give a ballpark estimate. Feel free to phone us at 818-843-7981, or just email us.